Moving to Australia? Looking for the cheapest places to live in Queensland?

If you’re looking to avoid capital cities, a regional relocation destination may just what you need. This series explores affordable places to live away from the hustle and bustle.

Queensland is the second largest state in the country. This giant 1,727,000 square kilometre landmass is home to five of Australia’s World Natural Heritage areas, including Fraser Island and the Great Barrier Reef. Brisbane can be found in the south east of the state, which is generally more built up. South of Brisbane is the famed Gold Coast and north of Brisbane is the Sunshine Coast.

These smaller cities are teaming with chic, beachy bars, shopping centres, restaurants, theme parks and markets. While being a little more lively than the truly rural areas, they still retain a typical Queenslander coastal lifestyle. Many residents spend their weekends beach hopping up the coast along the golden sands of Surfers Paradise.

QLD is one of the least urbanised states in Australia. More than half of the population live outside Brisbane, unlike other Aussie states where most tend to live in the major cities. The beautiful weather means it’s a popular tourist destination, which can affect the housing market. However, the decentralised nature of its five million residents means it’s pretty easy to find a hidden gem in a variety of different locations.

So which areas should you explore when looking to move to Queensland?

Russell Island – a relaxing island getaway

This idyllic little island has been in its own bubble from the property markets. Due to land being sold very cheaply in the 70’s, development wasn’t expected to happen on the island, which was reflected in the prices. Now with its great amenities and advantageous position with limited flooding, many elderly residents are now developing incredibly affordable housing here.

It’s a 15-minute boat ride to the Brisbane coast, which you can either view as a slight inconvenience or an inviting touch of isolation. It’s an ideal spot for those wanting a slower pace of life in a secluded island location. It’s a perfect destination for those keen on fishing, and there are several locations to catch oysters and mudcrabs! If you’re interested in moving to Russell Island, investors and real estate agents suggest moving fast as they expect prices to increase with its popularity.

Manoora – cheap Cairns suburb worth considering

Whilst the reviews aren’t wholly positive from residents who have moved there, many consider Manoora a leafy suburb with easy access to Cairns city centre and the beach. The benefits of living in the far north of QLD include a slower pace of life and access to some incredible natural beauty. The median house price in Manoora is $306,000 and rental is $380 per week. The median unit price is $156,500 and rental is $280 per week.

Berserker- family friendly suburb of Rockhampton with great schools

Berserker is a suburb of Rockhampton in central Queensland, near the coasr. Rockhampton is often overlooked for larger towns but it has some real attributes worth highlighting. Some top notch primary schools feed into the respected North Rockhampton State High School.

Berserker is close to Rockhampton CBD and a short drive from both Mount Archer National Park and Lakes Creek. You can also get to the coast in less than 40 minutes. The median house price in Beserker is $210,000 and rental is $290 per week. The median unit price is $200,000 and rental is $270 per week. First time buyers should make sure to explore some of the incredibly low priced entry level properties in the area, some of which are currently selling as low as $117,000.

Walkervale – suburb to Bundaberg near the beach

Famed for its home-grown rum and liquor exporter ‘bundy’, this premium south east location is quite desirable for such a low price. Walkervale is popular with families and many children who live there attend the local high school, Walkervale State. The median house price in Walkervale is $225,000 and rental is $295 per week. There’s a growing demand for those moving to Bundaberg and its likely these prices will increase in the coming years as the economy returns to a more prosperous period.

Looking for affordable places to live in Australia

Due to its vast size, the cheapest places to live in Queensland are often decided by their proximity to the towns and cities with potential employment. However, outside the major south eastern hub, there are some golden opportunities in the sunshine state. There are so many beautiful rural locations to choose from which are still well serviced by a small local town or city. For those who want to escape to the natural side of Australia, Queensland is a real contender.

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