While all eyes in the world are watching the results of the United States election unfold, we are looking closer to home and asking ourselves: how will the US election affect Australia and the rest of the world?

Sure, there may not be any direct household impact overnight, but there are important global matters which the American presidential election has a significant impact on. This election outcome has more weighting around the world than any of its predecessors.

The masses are more polarised, the world is going through a pandemic and global economic crisis alongside crucial climate change concerns. Not to mention the potential threat to modern day democracy that has us, as allies to the US, sitting on the edge of our seats.

The fact of the matter is, it’s of long-term national interest if President Donald Trump wins or if former Vice President Joe Biden wins. The White House controls a vast segment of the global economy, and in turn the Australian economy. Whoever wins the presidency will control interest rates, financial markets and, in the end, world order.

One of the worrying things to come out of this recent election is the statements from President Trump claiming fraud behind the voting system and potentially disabling some votes in key areas to be counted. It is directly our concern as allies and as a democratic society to protect the true democratic system and ensure all votes are to be counted and classed as equal.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the key aspects of the US election that Australia needs to keep its eyes on.

World Economy

America’s, Australia’s and the global economies are struggling with recession in the Covid-19 era. The impact of the US election, no matter who wins, will have long term impacts on our country’s growth. The volatile market will become exponentially more volatile should the discourse continue in the US and will undoubtedly settle somewhat if Joe Biden’s democratic presidency is settled in.

The UK and European Union trade deals with the US coming out of Brexit will be directly influenced by who wins the election. The trade agreements with China have been drastically affected by President Trump’s actions on Covid-19 to say the least. These are not the only countries to have a direct impact on the election but they are key players. The American stock exchange is seeing one of its most uncomfortable periods in recent history and should we see a crash the repercussions around the world will be very apparent.


The US handling of Covid-19 has had the whole world watching. The President has chosen the economy over the escalating death toll and this has seen them rise to the top of a chart that no one wants to be at the top of. If the US can better control the virus, the world may be able open its doors sooner and get the global economy back on track. This pandemic means that the US election affects Australia more than ever.

Their trade deal with China, another huge global economy, has been severely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak and the accusations made by President Trump and the White House. As we know over here, our trade deals and economic reliance on China is instrumental. Therefore, the cataclysmic relationship between the US and China directly impacts Australia.

Joe Biden has made his views very clear on the handling of Covid-19 and is putting scientific research at the forefront of his decision making This can only be a good move for America and the rest of the world.

Climate Change

American companies are at the top of the climate change naughty list. These companies, such as Chevron, also make America a lot of money. It is common knowledge that President Trump is not a climate change activist. It is also common knowledge that the US is one of the largest countries – geographically and economically – in the world. It is then subsequently obvious that whoever wins the US election will have a major part to play in the impact of any climate change movements.

For example, even if a physically small country like the UK can make big in-house environmental changes, the actual impact to the rest of the world is relatively small. If a giant country like the US can make even the smallest environmental change then the impact to the rest of the world can be huge.

Joe Biden has made his views clear on climate change and that he will be making positive steps towards the US’s global responsibility in this field. This is one way in which the US election affects Australia.

There are 20 giant companies that make up over 30% of the worlds greenhouse gasses. They know what they are doing; do they just make too much money to care?


As we write, Biden has been announced as the next president-elect. However, Trump is continuing to deny the legitimacy of the counted votes and refusing to step down. He is challenging the voting system and claiming his opponent Joe Biden has ‘stolen’ the election results. Should Donald Trump take the decision to the Supreme Court and refuse to believe the outcome, this could have major implications for the rest of the democratic world, including Australia. Not to mention the US’s reputation.

At the current time, there is little to no evidence that there has been voting fraud. What there is evidence of is a record breaking number of voters turning out and their voices finally being heard to bring about change. If these voices are denied their right to be heard, the success of civilised democratic societies around the world could be under threat.

For a true democracy to work, there needs to be votes for all people and all those votes need to be acknowledged, counted, and acted upon. There is no space for throwing around accusations and refusing the process. That is not how it works, even if it isn’t the result you wanted.

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