Australia; the one that rhymes with the big pay cheque, wildlife, the Working Holiday Visa …

… Paradise for road trips, surf (and surfers) and sunburns.

If everybody knows that a big wage also means a high cost of living, it’s so easy to forget about it.

I arrived in Australia with my expectations, a bit of money and my plans…

Snap!  Reality happened. I ended up being broke more than once.

Is it possible to travel in Australia without The Big Budget? Yes, it is.


8 Ways to survive to Australia on a small budget:

  1. Shared accommodation:

There are tons of hostels in Australia, which are a bit different from the rest of the world. First, they are expensive (the cost of a shared dorm starts around 20 AUD$). Second, they are crowded with long timers.  If you have to share your room to have a decent price, it could be a better option to look at a shared accommodation.  For the same price, and even for less, you could end up in a much better place.

  1. Walk your way through the city:

If you live in a city, get a tan and stay fit while you walk to work. The buses will ruin you quicker than you think!

  1. Life on the road:

If you have enough money to buy a car, life on the road can be cheap!  Australia offers tons of free (or really cheap) camp-sites.  You can sleep in your car or even in a tent that you can easily buy for less than 25$.

  1. Aussie BBQ:

Beaches, camp-sites, parks, rest areas, tourism information centre provide you a free kitchen along the road.  Cook your own food and enjoy a typical BBQ.  It’s probably a better deal than to go to the restaurant.


  1. Regional work / Rural work:

If you don’t want to pay for an expensive accommodation and you need to get some money to enjoy Australia, the regional work or the rural work are a good way to get free (or cheap) accommodation and a job.  If you are lucky, you can even have food and a free Wi-Fi.  If you end up in a remote place, it will be the best way to save money and it’s also a good opportunity to get your second year visa.  If you don’t know if you can survive in the middle of nowhere, check out the 40 signs you survived the regional work.

  1. Be a volunteer:

If you are broke, you can always be a volunteer.  Hostels, farms and families can give you a free bed (and/or free food) in exchange of your time.  It can give you the time that you need until you find your next paid job.

  1. The cheapest food ever:

If I end up being broke again, I know that I could always eat porridge, bread, noodles or soups for less than 2$.

  1. Free Wi-Fi:

Looking for a free wi-fi? Maccas, Banks, travel agencies, malls and a few city centres provides you a free wifi.


By: Working Holiday Jobs

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