In today’s modern economy, a mobile phone and internet connection are pretty much essential requirements if you want to engage with society and the employment market. Naturally, one of your first priorities when you arrive in Australia will be to set up reliable phone and internet that are cost effective, especially if you will be contacting family overseas regularly.

The market for internet and mobile phones are intertwined and highly competitive. Not all services are created equal and each has their own target market. Finding the right provider that suits your needs can be a confusing and difficult task without getting some help. You may wish to seek advice from your existing network or new work colleagues however be ready for a number of different and or opinions to be thrown back at you. A good tool that you can access to find the right provider for your needs is the Canstar Blue website which provides good comparative analysis of various phone and internet providers.

Currently, Australia is undertaking a massive National Broadband Network (NBN) project to help both the quality and speed of the internet in Australia. The NBN has been rolled out in most major cities and some regional hubs however some of Australia still relies upon the ADSL system. If you are moving to an area that still uses ADSL you will need to set up a dial up telephone service in order to access the ADSL service.

When you set up a mobile phone or internet service contract, you will be required to provide sufficient identification to conduct the account. Ordinarily, you will be required to provide sufficient identification that totals 100 ID points. Acceptable identification documents include passports, drivers licence (both overseas and Australian), bank statements and utility bills. You can purchase prepaid sim cards for mobile telephone and internet access without providing identification.

When setting up your mobile phone account you need to take the following considerations into account

  • How long are you planning to stay in Australia?
  • How much data are you likely to require – Free Wifi is available in most places.
  • How many international calls you expect to make each month.

There are mobile phone contracts available that will cater to your specific needs. If you are planning on travelling throughout the region most providers have reasonably cost effective daily rates available for global roaming. For example, Vodafone charge 5 dollars per day and Optus charge 10 dollars per day. 

Similarly, there are a wide range of internet account options available for you to choose from. While Canstar Blue will give you a good overall feel for buyer experience with various internet providers, another website – Whistle Out will let you compare approximately three thousand different broadband plans to help you make the best decision. To make it as easy as possible for you can simply select your area of service and choose the amount of data you need, the price point you prefer and the type of plan you think is right for you.

As with mobile phones you can choose between fixed broadband contracts and prepaid broadband options. Contracts generally offer cheaper monthly pricing, but can be restrictive in terms of the set contract period.

The key thing to remember when selecting phone and internet providers in Australia is to take the time to do the research and not to commit to anything before making sure that the contract terms and the service provided are the right options for you.

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