If you spend any time travelling on Australia’s roads on the east coast, you will encounter toll ways in the capital cities of Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. These toll roads are essentially operated and administered in the same way with some minor differences in each state.

The toll roads are all located within the urban boundaries of the capital cities and have been designed to ease congestion and help traffic flow around the cities. They can be a great time saver and the cost of using the roads is fairly reasonable and will vary slightly from state to state and whether the toll is for a motorway, bridge, tunnel or distributing road.

The key points to remember about these toll roads are that they;

  • Are all tolled electronically and there are no cash booths – this may differ to some other countries around the world.
  • You can arrange for a regular toll pass or a visitor pass depending on your circumstances.
  • Arrangements to pay the toll can be made up to three days after travel.
  • The driver of the car will be responsible for paying the toll fee. – if you have hired a vehicle these will generally be charged to your credit card once it has been returned.

Regular users of these roads will most likely need to set up a permanent tolling arrangement.

This can be done by setting what is known as an eTag or tag account with each state’s administrative body.

In Queensland, you will need to visit the Linkt website which will run through your specific user options and make a suggestion for the best account for you. In New South Wales you will need to visit the Linkt.com.au/Sydney website which will provide a similar service. Victorians should visit Linkt.com.au/Melbourne.

It is important to understand exactly what each account entitles you to, as some accounts may not allow you to use specific roads – Melbourne’s M3 is a good example of this. If in doubt at all about what is the best option for you, you can call Linkt to discuss your options.

If you choose to set up a temporary pass, you will need to nominate the dates and times of commencement. It is important that you pay attention to setting these times as the toll company will issue an infringement notice for any travel outside that period and the last thing you want to be doing is giving away more money than is required.

Temporary passes can be set up for periods of 1-30 days and can be obtained by either visiting the relative Linkt websites for each city and choosing the temporary pass options or by calling 133331.

For those of you remaining in Australia on a more permanent basis, the following points will help as you set up and begin using your permanent eTag account.

  • Failure to register an account will result in an infringement notice being issued, which will cost more than paying the toll directly. Ignoring the infringement notice can lead to the outstanding amount being handed to a debt collection agency.

Don’t ignore infringement notices!

  • Be sure to ensure that you set up your vehicle registration number correctly and that you designate the correct state of vehicle registration.
  • Make sure that you have sufficient funds in your credit/debit card to cover tolls. In most circumstances, funds will be taken on a regular basis based on your usage.
  • Toll road usage will not be immediately visible in your toll road account and it may take several days for the usage and charges to display in your account.

Once you have a toll road account established you will find travel around Australia’s biggest cities easier and hopefully a lot quicker.

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