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When moving to Australia, this country feels almost endless when you first get here. The country’s gargantuan 7.692 million square kilometres waiting for you to explore. Don’t just hit the headline spots that everyone visits when they relocate, there are hidden gems beyond Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. Many delightful towns across the six states can give you a glimpse into a different side of Aussie lifestyle and you no longer have to travel internationally to visit them. Be sure to plan mini breaks and road trips to visit some of these picturesque places in your new home. 

Broome, Western Australia 

A hidden beach oasis situated in the remote Kimberley region of Australia, Broome is a town bathed in colour and natural beauty. This tiny town of fourteen thousand people packs a punch when it comes to its rosta of scenic phenomena. The area is home to a 130 million-year-old dinosaur footprint at Gantheaume Point, the 22km stretch of sandy coastline on Cable Beach and Horizontal Waterfalls, which were described by David Attenborough as ‘one of the greatest wonders’ he’d ever seen. 

As well as some world-class marine life and pearl farms, Broome boasts a unique feature known as the ‘Staircase To The Moon’. At certain times of the year, visitors can see Roebuck Bay’s tidal flats reflect the light from the full moon creating the illusion of stairs across the Indian Ocean. 

Alice springs, Northern Territory 

If you’re moving to Australia, Alice Springs is a must-visit destination to see the ‘real Australia’. A charming and extremely remote location situated in the heart of the outback. 

Alice Springs is one of the most historically significant places in the ancient world. With a heritage dating back over thirty thousand years, the aboriginal communities in the town are members of the oldest known living culture on earth. Visitors can immerse themselves in indigenous traditions, customs and culture in order to better understand the country’s journey beyond its more documented recent history. ‘Alice’ is known as the aboriginal art capital of Australia with many galleries and exhibits for visitors to explore and ponder over. The local Arrente people’s work can be seen at The Aboriginal Art & Culture Centre, alongside works from some of the biggest names in the genre. You can also pick up some original pieces at the regular bustling craft markets that pop up on Todd Mall a few times per month. 

Alice Springs also acts as a great base for adventurous hikers and nature enthusiasts. The Desert Park features flora and fauna in a stunning sandy location where guests can marvel at some of Australia’s most distinct wildlife. Hikers can enjoy hundreds of kilometres of track along the Larapinta Trail, which includes gorges, creeks and other dramatic landscapes. A whole host of other activities can be enjoyed near the town, such as bush walks, camel rides, dirt biking, star gazing, hot air ballooning and a kangaroo sanctuary. 

Furthermore, no trip to Alice Springs would be complete without a trip to the iconic Uluru (or Ayers Rock), a sacred sandstone structure found in ‘red centre’ of Australia. Although be warned, the rock is still 450km away from Alice Springs, despite it being the closest town!

Port Douglas, Queensland 

Nestled on the back of Australia’s tropical northeastern tip, Port Douglas is a well-known jewel in the coastal town crown. Many use it as a place to visit the Great Barrier Reef and the biodiverse rainforests in Daintree National Park. 

Port Douglas is awash with beautiful beach resorts and a harbour stacked with million dollar yachts, but despite this it still manages to retain a friendly village-like atmosphere. The town centre houses an eclectic mix of coffee shops, bars, pubs and restaurants. All the foodies give rave reviews to the Watergate restaurant, an upmarket fine dining location putting its own twist on modern Australian cuisine. Go for a drink and experience the best of the new and the old Port Douglas’ hospitality scene has to offer. The Court House Hotel, nicknamed the ‘Courty’, is the oldest pub in the town and just 500 metres from Hemingway Brewery, an award winning brewpub with another location in Cairns. Hemingway were born and bred in Queensland and are quickly making a big impact on Australia’s lively craft beer world.

Port Fairy, Victoria 

Drive four hours west from Melbourne and you’ll find yourself in the historic town of Port Fairy. Established in 1843, Port Fairy is one of the oldest ports in the country and was originally used as a base for both sealing and whaling activities. The town has had a contentious history, it was a place of conflict between indegnious people and settlers during colonial times, as well seeing an influx of new residents from Ireland who were fleeing famine in their home country and hoping to build a new life there. The town’s rich history has left its mark and the National Trust has now classified over 50 buildings there, these range from small cottages to public buildings built throughout the 19th century.

Today, Port Fairy is home to just over 3,300 residents and has won several awards for being such a ‘livable’ location. The port has a flourishing fishing industry and a thriving art scene. In the sunny month of March, they host the yearly Port Fairy Folk Festival, which sees thousands of fans travel great distances for a mix of both local and international acts. 

Yamba, New South Wales

Yamba retains it’s beautiful weather for almost 12 months of the year, making it a retirement hotspot for those looking for a place in the sun. The town of just over 6,000 residents attracts surfers and families to its eleven beaches and relaxed lifestyle. Exhibitions, markets, golf courses, museums and outdoor sports make it a simple sell for those looking for a week of easy-going activities. 

Yamba’s coastal waters are teaming with dolphins, and whales can be spotted for around half of the year during the cooler months.

Explore options when moving to Australia 

When you emigrate to any new country, you have a plethora of new locations on your doorstep to explore. With thousands of hidden gems to be found, Australia is no exception to this rule. Other places of note include towns and villages such as Apollo Bay, Airlie Beach, Esperance, Byron Bay, Birdsville, Wollongong and Cygnet. There’s plenty for you to discover ‘down under’

https://www.australia.com/en is a great place to find some more detailed guides on moving or visiting some Australia’s beautiful towns.

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