A great life, great weather and endless opportunities…

We have talked about the major cities in Australia and also living in regional NSW. Queensland tends to be renowned for its great weather and beaches alone – its does average 300 days of sunshine a year after all! But Queensland is Australia’s fastest growing state – in economy and population. The benefits of moving to Queensland are many; affordable housing, great weather, a high level of safety, natural beauty and modern infrastructure. Queenslanders have a very high standard of living; with affordable housing and a strong job market the key reasons.

Queensland is nearly 7-times larger than England and has several distinct regions offering diverse lifestyle opportunities and each with its own character. There are several large regional centres as well as smaller communities and remote outback townships.

More than half of Queensland’s population live outside of the capital city – Brisbane. This decentralisation has facilitated top quality infrastructure development right across the state. This means world-class education and health care is not limited to the state capital in the southeast corner.

In terms of education, the State is home to 10 internationally recognised universities and 13 technical and further education institutes (TAFE).

While the State’s traditional industries – mining, agriculture and tourism – drive the economy, there is significant ongoing investment in biotechnology, creative industries and information and communication technology.

Its tropical and semi-tropical weather and large agricultural industry ensures Queensland produces a huge range of fresh produce. Tropical fruits are available all year round and a huge selection of fruit and veggies on sale in the supermarkets, markets and greengrocers.

Because the climate is mild, Queenslander are a sporty bunch. Public pools will be found in almost every town and the beaches are second to none.

You’ll also realise pretty soon that shoes are optional – even at the shops – and you can get pretty good coffee.

The largest populations in Queensland live in the capital city, Brisbane, which is close to the coast on the Brisbane River. The Gold Coast is also a rapidly developing city of over 1 million people. It hosts the Commonwealth Games in April next year.

However if you are willing to live in regional Queensland there are upcoming new migration policies that could help you “jump the queue”. Places such as Townsville, Rockhampton, Cairns, Mackay and the Sunshine Coast are key regional centres. The cost of living in these towns can be over 33% cheaper than Brisbane. The lovely south-west region and Darling Downs is centred on the town of historically-important Toowoomba. The key industries there are food processing and energy development, and there are many job opportunities in medical, education, IT and services and trades as well as in agriculture and mining. Cairns is a more cosmopolitan centre, with a major tourist industry, is a regional centre for the tropical north coast. The town is also an Arts centre with a number of museums and galleries.

Wherever you choose to live in Queensland, you will find a relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere and a high standard of living.

For more information on moving to Queensland, as well as skilled migrant and state-sponsored visas, call Yonder Australia.

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