The Blueprint

A successful partner visa will hinge on your ability to demonstrate that your relationship is authentic. There are certain legal requirements that you will have to fulfil for the Department of Home Affairs which are broken down into four areas. Such is their importance in supporting your Australian Partner Visa application that we have come to refer to them as the ‘Four Pillars’

The Four Pillars is essentially your Blueprint for bringing together your  Australian Partner Visa application. Is should be the focus of your supporting evidence and form a fundamental part of the supporting declarations attached to the application. 

Financial Arrangements

The financial aspects of the relationship can include; 

  • Joint ownership of loan agreements for major assets, real estate, cars and major household appliances. 
  • Joint Bank Accounts – ideally the accounts have been in place for a reasonable time and are in use (e.g regular savings)
  • Pooling of Financial resources especially in relation to big financial commitments
  • Legally binding financial commitments (Guarantor for a loan or power of attorney)
  • The arrangement of day to day household expenses 


Statutory Declarations can help give a sense of the household and should focus on the key points below. 

  • Joint ownership of residential property 
  • Joint residential leases or rental receipts 
  • Joint utilities accounts 
  • Shared Responsibility for the care of Children 
  • Shared responsibility for Housework 


The Social aspects of the relationship can often be demonstrated by recent photos together which can be further complemented by mentions in your statutory declarations. You can also include 

  • Evidence that the relationship has been declared or registered by an appropriate state body. 
  • Joint membership of lifestyle organisations.
  • Joint Travel and future plans.
  • Whether you present yourself as a couple at social events.


The nature of your commitment can be demonstrated in a number of ways including in your evidence provided in the three pillars above; 

The Department will also consider 

  • The duration of your relationship (both living independently and together)
  • The degree of emotional support you give each other
  • Whether the parties see and refer to the relationship as long term one
  • The partner’s knowledge of each other’s personal circumstances. 

The nature of relationships and the circumstances that they exist in can vary widely. Because there is no weighting given to each of the pillars, the relationship will be assessed based on the evidence from across the four areas.

As you bring together your Australian Partner Visa application try and provide evidence and statements that covers all four pillars. If you continue to add evidence as your application is being processed, the information required at time of decision should be minimal to none. 

You can find more information on applying for a Partner visa whilst on-shore by following the link below.

If you are on Facebook follow the link below to engage with others going through the Partner Visa process. 

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