In a few weeks (we are still not exactly sure when) our old friend, the 457 visa is going bye bye! Whilst there are still a number of questions that remain unanswered about the transition from 457 to TSS, recent updates have helped shed some light on the key differences between the new TSS and the old 457 Visa programme. We expand on some of these below.

Standard Business Sponsorship

Whilst the DIBP are seemingly making it harder or less appealing to get a temporary work visa the Standard Business Sponsorship is set to become a more simple process. SBS will now move to standard 5 year periods and failing any integrity concerns the renewal of sponsorship will be a seamless online process. In the meantime training benchmarks will still have to be satisfied however these will eventually be absorbed by the Skilling Australian’s Fund.

Labour Market Testing

In most cases some form of Labour Market Testing will be required. The DIBP will continue to recognise national recruitment websites and print/radio but will not recognise general classified websites. Advertisements will likely need to be running for at least 4 weeks in the immediate 4 months before the Nomination.

Work Experience

One of the key changes announced in April 2017 was the requirement that the applicant have at least 2 years relevant experience in the nominated occupation. Work experience will be considered on a flexible basis and part time work, student placements, internships and any research related experience will all be considered on a per application basis.

Repeat TSS Visa

There will be no limit to the amount of TSS Visas that can be granted to an applicant however if an applicant is onshore and has held more than one TSS (short term) stream visa they will need to apply for their next TSS visa offshore. This will essentially reboot the 2 years + 2 year extension process but the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement must also be considered here.

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