While migrants to Australia are mainly drawn to the East coast with intentions of living and working in Sydney or Melbourne, the opportunities for employment and business as well as the opportunity to get permanent residency in regional hubs like the Northern Territory are often overlooked by foreigners moving to Australia.

The Northern Territory and its capital, Darwin are considered to be Australia’s gateway to the Asian market. Its sparse population and isolation from other Australian cities makes the environment conducive to new business and very welcoming to newcomers looking to move and work in Australia.

Darwin has a population of just under 120,000 people and an unemployment rate that is half the nation’s average. Situated in Australia’s North, Darwin offers a number of trade and diplomatic opportunities in the professional sector and there is a resultant need for skilled workers of all kinds to fill much needed skills shortages to the region.

Darwin is located in the tropics and the lifestyle is very much an outdoor lifestyle. The city is surrounded by a range of rainforests and parks that make it a nature lover’s paradise.  The city is truly multicultural with over 100 nationalities living and working in the immediate area.

There is a wide range of public and private education options available for school age children while the Charles Darwin University offers tertiary education options to both local and international students.

Despite its small size Darwin offers a full, exciting and diverse lifestyle that will both challenge and reward newcomers to the city.

Skilled workers are in short supply and the Northern Territory government and the new Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) has opened up the opportunity for employers in Darwin and the Northern Territory the ability to sponsor skilled and semi-skilled overseas workers for positions they are unable to fill with local workers. This ultimately opens up opportunities for unskilled migrants whose occupation may not be eligible for temporary or permanent migration or other parts of Australia. For Example you can move to the Northern Territory as a Hotel/Motel Manager and apply for permanent residency after 3 years on a 482 Visa. If you were living and working in Sydney on a 482 Visa as a Hotel/Motel Manager you would not have a pathway to Australian Permanent Residency.

Additionally, there is an agreement with the Federal government that allows employers to sponsor workers with limited English speaking capabilities in some instances.

You can find the list of skilled and semi-skilled occupations The Northern Territory Migration Occupation List  Territory.

There is also a Designated Area Migration Agreements in place in;

If you are looking for a slightly different experience than the norm in Australia career and potentially an easier pathway to Australian Permanent Residency then Darwin is well worth investigating for its lifestyle, environment and wide range of employment opportunities.

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