South Australia has announced the list of approved occupations for sponsorship under the state’s Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) with the federal government.

The South Australia Government has entered into a Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) with the federal government, which was announced last month.

This agreement is to help businesses and other employers find skilled overseas workers for sectors facing skill shortages.


South Australia will have two DAMAs.

First covers the Adelaide Metropolitan region.

A statement by the Migration SA says there are 60 occupations on the Adelaide Innovation and Technology Agreement which supports the Adelaide City Deal.

“Concessions offered on this agreement address specific challenges including, attracting a skilled workforce by offering pathways for permanent residency in South Australia.”

The second DAMA known as the South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement is the Designated Area Migration Agreement that covers the entire state of South Australia. There are 114 occupations on this agreement.

“There are 114 occupations on the South Australian Regional Workforce Agreement which provides employers in key regional growth industries of agribusiness, health and aged care, hospitality and tourism, mining and construction sectors with the ability to access and retain a skilled workforce,” Migration SA says.

The complete list is available here.

Many opportunities

Immigration expert Chaman Preet suggests the South Australian occupation list for DAMA includes some popular occupations which provide pathways to permanent residency.

‘If we have a look at the list, there are various occupations which are very interesting. For instance occupations like Accommodation and Hospitality Management, Aged and Disability Care, Baker, Café and Restaurant Manager pro etc. provide pathways to permanent residency.

‘Then there are occupations which normally may not lead to permanent residency through general skilled migration such as Dentist and Dental Assistant are available with skill concessions,’ she told SBS Hindi.

There are concessions available for employers to hire workers with particular skills, says Chaman Preet.

“Concessions in English language, salary, skills, age and experience widen the opportunities for migrants,” said Ms Chaman Preet.

The DAMA is an employer-sponsored visa program which comes under the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (Subclass 482 labour agreement stream). It allows employers to sponsor skilled overseas workers for the positions they cannot fill locally.

Further details relating to the DAMA application process and how to apply will be released by 1 July 2019.


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