Having gone through all the tough challenges any migrate female has to go through, Reet Phulwani is proud of what she has achieved in her career while balancing her personal life.

There is so much more to your diamond or gemstone than beauty and sparkle. Size, shape, reflection and rarity makes a gem stand out from the rest.  

Gorgeous Indian jewellery is especially found adorned with exquisite diamonds and gemstones and it is a gemologist who identifies and evaluate gems, thus ensuring the quality of the piece.

It is an art, it is science and it is a passion for Melbourne-based gemologist Reet Phulwani.

Meet Reet Phulwani, an Indian Australian Gemologist - Yonder Australia

Gemmology is a science of natural and artificial gemstones. There is no prerequisite qualification for obtaining a degree or diploma in Gemmology.

A gemologist is someone who identifies, grades, and appraises gemstones. He or she does the scientific tests to confirm the identity, chemical composition and various other technical details of a specific gem and evaluate on the basis of gem’s quality.

Gemologist uses special tools to evaluate colour, size, and shape. 

Ms Phulwani explains a gemstone is an attractive piece that has beautiful colour, sparkle through reflecting, refracting, or by dispersing light.

Talking about how and when she chose this career path, Ms Phulwani says she had no plan of becoming one in her school days.

It was during her maternity break when she was exploring different options, she chose this path. 

‘One of my overseas friend who owned a jewellery business and had shown me various gems encouraged me to choose this path,” she tells SBS Hindi

Ms Phulwani says she loves the scientific and craftsmanship aspect of gems. 

Having gone through all the tough challenges any migrate female has to go through, she is proud of what she has achieved in her career today.

‘”I was ‘Businesswoman of the Year’ Finalist at India Australia Business & Community Awards (IABCA) 2016 and received the ‘Community of the Year’ on behalf of Sindhi Association of Victoria at IABCA 2015,” she says. 

Gems and Myths

Gems are often associated with zodiac signs and astrology.

Ms Phulwani says since gemstones are mined from the earth, each holds special quality, characteristic chemical composition, and energetic vibrations. 

“Though I do not vouch for any such myth it is also believed that our bodies have energetic vibrations, hence makes us naturally receptive to the vibrations of gemstones,” she says.  

“Gem therapy solutions are part of our vast ancient Indian wisdom.  Whether it is a myth or not but if someone believes that a certain stone is lucky or can align with someone’s own vibrations and helps achieve certain healing, then why not… go for it”, Ms Phulwani says.

Ms Phulwani advised that one should always buy gems from a registered trader.

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By: SBS Australia

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