One of the most common hurdles faced by newcomers to Australia is the seeming insistence by employers on job applicants having local experience. It’s one of those circular problems that seems to have no easy solution – you can’t get a job without local experience and you can’t get local experience without having a job.

There are some ways to overcome this frustrating problem and gain entry into the Australian workforce. Some strategies to consider include:

  • Research the similarities between the work you have performed in the past and the work that is available in Australia. Arm yourself with knowledge and evidence that demonstrates your capability of performing the local role. Being prepared and able to demonstrate that you have researched the job is sure to gain some credit with prospective employers.
  • Get involved with the local community by either volunteering to help with something you care about or playing sport. This is a great way to build lasting relationships that can blossom into professional ones. Many jobs are never advertised. They are simply offered to trusted individuals in social circles. Being involved in the local community is a great way to get noticed and to break into the job market.
  • Polish your resume.  Make sure it’s grammatically correct and error free. Look for the right words that convey professional qualities.
  • Build an online profile with professional social networks like LinkedIn. Be active without going overboard and leave enough information there to let people see who you are and what you value.
  • Be patient. Landing the right job won’t happen overnight. Placing unreal expectations upon yourself is only going to affect your mental health and make it harder to get a job
  • Let your true self shine through in an interview.  Don’t get hung up on grammatically correct phrasing or the correct technical jargon. No one speaks perfectly. People who speak with conviction, enthusiasm and clarity are sure to leave a lasting impression.
  • If you can’t find the ideal job at first you may have to settle for a casual job to make ends meet. If this is the case be sure to choose a casual job that allows you to mix with plenty of people so that you can build your social network and English skills if necessary.
  •  Be realistic. Remember that moving countries is a huge step. With this in mind, making the adjustments to your new habitat is going to be hard enough without trying to switch careers or seek additional progression in your role. For this reason it is probably safe to stick to the same career path initially and potentially take a step back for the right company. 
  • Have a good understanding and talk confidently about your visa status or the visa options that may be available to your potential employer. 

Networking, perseverance, flexibility and being well informed will ultimately help you overcome the no local experience barrier and find a suitable role for your skills and knowledge in an Australia business

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